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September 22, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
(NaturalNews) While studies in the past have acknowledged the role that specific foods play in mental wellness and the reduction of age induced problems such as dementia, a new study looks at the diet as a whole.Natural News · ByMike Bundrant · 4 hours ago
It is no rocket science to realise that no matter how long you've kept that unbearable weight issue at bay, all it takes is a bad day at the gym to go off gear. To back get on track again and let not the weight loss plan go …Mumbai Mirror · 2 hours ago
A year ago, I began dieting. I know it’s been a year, because Pumpkin Spice Latte was available in Starbuck’s (why measure out your life in coffee spoons, when corporate coffee flavours are so seasonally specific?Daily Telegraph · 40 minutes ago
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September 21, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Justin Sullivan/GettyA man opens a bottle of Diet Coke as he eats before the start of the baseball game with the San Francisco Giants and the Atlanta Braves. The first zero-calorie sweetener, saccharin, was invented …The Business Insider · 13 hours ago
Yet, with the ever-increasing popularity of diets such as Tim Noakes' low carb, high fat diet, inspired in part by the major increase in lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, it appears that taking a …travel.iafrica.com · 1 hour ago
After years of writing personal essays for local newspapers, Beryl Jupiter found the inspiration for her first full-length book at the foot of her bed. “The things I liked to write about the most were personal, relatable …The Boston Globe · 10 hours ago
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September 20, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Eat 10 portions of tomatoes each week and reduce your chances of prostate cancer by 18 percent, say researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford. The researchers reviewed “the diets and lifestyle of 1,806 men aged between 50 and 69 ...News-Sentinel · 1 hour ago
Health talk shows typically try to offer both sides of controversial topics. But when "The Doctors" featured the feeding tube diet on Sept. 18, host Dr. Travis Stork exploded with outrage over the extreme weight loss …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 12 hours ago
LeBron James set a goal for himself of becoming lighter and faster. So he combined a Paleo diet weight loss plan with a wish list of futuristic qualities in Nike shoes, and his fans are eating up his revelations, reported …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 2 hours ago
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September 19, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
A crossover study was done by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Georgetown University School of Medicine where 33 women followed a low-fat, plant-based (vegan) diet for two menstrual cycles. For two …Natural News · 6 hours ago
Jennifer Lopez's stunning weight loss had shocked all her fans. She had dropped two sizes from size four to size two and had lost ten pounds. The 45-year-old singer, actress and producer follows an all-vegan, diary-free …International Business Times · 2 hours ago
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - MINNEAPOLIS — Bit by bit, the farm at Little Earth is growing. So, too, is a movement among Native Americans across the nation to improve their health by rediscovering ancestral foods and …Naples Daily News · 19 minutes ago
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September 18, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
The debate over whether diet sodas are good, bad or just OK for us never seems to end. Some research suggests zero-calorie drinks can help people cut calories and fend off weight gain. But in recent years, the idea …NPR News · ByAllison Aubrey · 8 hours ago
"The View" host Whoopi Goldberg lost 35 pounds with all thanks to her new diet. She showed off her new body on the season 18 premiere of "The View." Unlike how she was in the past, the more fitter and slimmer …International Business Times · 7 hours ago
You've probably heard about the Paleo diet; maybe you've even tried it. The "primal eating" trend is everywhere. Paleo, of course, encourages us to eat like our ancient ancestors did. The concept is this: Humans evolved …The Huffington Post · 6 hours ago
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September 17, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Some of these may include: Decreased water intake, urinary tract infection, and nutritionally imbalanced diet, urine pH favorable to the formation of various crystals, certain drugs and dietary supplements, high …Examiner · ByKarla Kirby · 4 minutes ago
If you've tried the Dukan Diet but haven't tried Dukan Diet products, you're missing out on some tasty treats. Dr. Dukan's Web site offers a nice selection of delicious food items and recipes to assist you in reaching your …Examiner · ByBeth Mcintire · 11 hours ago
With Fashion Month still in full swing, it’s impossible to miss the one trend that surfaces at every spring show. Glowing, radiant, dewy, luminous—pick your adjective, but you can always count on seeing enviably clear …Forbes · 15 hours ago
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September 16, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
MURALI DORAISWAMY: What current health fad do I wish people would ignore? Stone-age diets. In 2013, the Paleo diet, was the most searched for diet in Google. The stone-age diet proposes that humans were built …The Wall Street Journal · 15 hours ago
Freshman girls are well aware of the benefits of eating healthy but lack the confidence or the motivation to actually resort to a healthy diet, a new study finds. The study was conducted by researchers from the University …HNGN · 5 hours ago
This type of diabetes is known to run in families, but how it is inherited is not known. In a new finding, the researchers at the Lund University identified a diet that helps slash the risk of developing diabetes. People can …Science World Report · 4 hours ago
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September 15, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Menounos is a producer, actor, author and TV show host. She revealed her diet and fitness regimen to the Shape magazine. Her mantra is simple and easy to practice, "Always be moving," she said. Explaining the …International Business Times · 2 hours ago
MANILA – How do Korina Sanchez, Ces Drilon, Karen Davila, Pinky Webb and Dyan Castillejo stay fit? Bernadette Sembrano asked her fellow ABS-CBN newswomen about their diet and fitness secrets in her column published in The Philippine Star on …ABS-CBN News · 1 hour ago
As the name suggests, a gluten-free diet implies the kind of diet that is totally free of gluten. If you are not sure of what gluten is, you need to know that it is a type of protein that is commonly found in wheat, barley, and …thefusejoplin.com · 50 minutes ago
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September 14, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Dear Dr. Fox • Our 8-year-old neutered male cat, Tiger, was prescribed a seven-day course of Clavamox for a urinary tract infection, as he was urinating blood outside his litter box. Less than two weeks later — after completing this course of ...St. Louis Post-Dispatch · 1 hour ago
MONDAY, Sept. 6 (HealthDay News) -- A low-carbohydrate diet that derives fats and proteins from vegetable sources rather than meats is probably healthier, new research finds. Comparing the two types of diets over …Medicine Net · 6 minutes ago
If you want to get fit and lose weight, it’s important to make some changes to your diet. And while deep down you may know that to lose weight you must eat less and move more, it’s hard to resist the lure of diets …Runner's World · 20 hours ago
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September 13, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Eating a protein-rich can ward off high blood pressure, a new research states. High blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension, is a silent killer. It complicates the work of heart to pump blood to the body and also …HNGN · 4 hours ago
All the while, Fonfa refused the recommended treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, instead experimenting with unproven alternative therapies, including changing her diet, taking herbs and reducing stress. Seven …Chicago Tribune · ByJulie Deardorff · 34 seconds ago
Medical Checkups. Dental checkups. Car tune-ups. Home repairs. Anything that’s worth taking care of needs periodic maintenance work — sometimes even a whole makeover. Your nutritional status is no different. Use the check-lists below to do a quick ...News-Sentinel · 4 hours ago
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September 12, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
New York: Adults who consume a high-protein diet may be at a lower risk for developing high blood pressure, research shows.Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) found that participants …IN · 11 minutes ago
Hypertension or high blood pressure is known to affect one in three adults in the United States and two thirds of the people above the age of 65 years. Nearly 78.6 million are clinically obese, which is a major risk factor …Science World Report · 4 hours ago
London: If you are a smoker and love to eat a high-salt diet, you may be at a greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA), researchers say. Representational picture "Our findings suggest that more than half (54 …Post · 36 minutes ago
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September 11, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
For the third time in two years, the FDA approved a new weight loss pill for consumer use. Keep in mind that 76.8 million people are considered to be obese in the US according to Centers for Disease Control. Contrave …Examiner · ByAndrea Metcalf · 7 minutes ago
Even though there’s been concern over the alarmingly high rate of obesity in this country, the good news is, the American diet is constantly evolving. After all, 10 years ago, most of us didn’t even know what kale was!ABC News · 53 seconds ago
You may have heard the headlines that screamed out this past week about a study from New Orleans on diet choices. Come on, don’t laugh: New Orleans just has a lot of people who need to be on a diet – so does …US News Health · 2 hours ago
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September 10, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Did you know that you can radically alter your mood with the foods you put in your body? Making a habit of eating processed foods that are high in fat and sugar can affect your waistline, but also your stress hormones …FOX News · 15 hours ago
I have to admit I'm not surprised to hear diet soda may cause strokes. Diet soda has always been at the top of the bad boy list for me. I'm a huge supporter of all things natural. To me, it just makes sense not to put …Examiner · 9 hours ago
The concept behind food as medicine is that food is a spectrum between nourishment and healing, and given the very large spectrum of foods, there many valid approaches to diet. But when we talk about diet, we need …fitness goop · 49 minutes ago
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September 9, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the Ebola epidemic, his own health scare with mercury poisoning and how a gluten-free, sugar-free Paleo-style diet can aid weight loss on the Sept. 8 episode of the Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz's …Examiner · BySamantha Chang · 4 hours ago
He went to Harvard and Stanford universities to become a scientist, but then Gary Taubes discovered investigative journalism. He had a bachelor’s degree in physics and was working on a master’s degree in …The Commercial Appeal · 10 hours ago
If you are thinking about weight loss, should you do a low fat or a low carb diet? That is what’s on the minds of millions of people who are trying to shed some pounds for health reasons or just to be happier with their …The Inquisitr · 13 hours ago
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September 8, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
When Americans were placed on a low-fat diet in the 1970s, the scientific evidence behind it was thin. Yet, desperate to combat the nation's epidemics of heart disease and cancer, the scientific establishment rallied behind the low-fat dogma. And the idea ...CNN · 17 hours ago
If you want to win at weight loss, set aside that bowl of fat-free cereal and bring on the bacon, eggs and butter. That low carb diet advice results from a new study which shows the high fat diet recommended by scientist …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 4 hours ago
Weight loss guru Dr. Mehmet Oz faced challenges to his role as daytime TV's diet king last season. His repeated focus on weight loss supplements and diet products, such as yacon syrup, earned him the hot spot in …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 5 hours ago
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September 7, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
People who sip low calorie fizzy drinks are more likely to reach for high-sugar snacks leading them to put on weight, a new study reveals. Researchers have found that people who opt for diet drinks are more primed to …Daily Mail · 15 hours ago
THURSDAY, Sept. 5 (HealthDay News) -- Eating a Mediterranean diet may be good for your brain and might reduce the risk of dementia, a new review suggests. A Mediterranean diet includes higher amounts of olive oil …Medicine Net · 2 hours ago
Sophia Harris has worked as a CBC video journalist across the country, covering everything from the start of the annual lobster fishery in Yarmouth, N.S., to potash prices in Saskatchewan. She now has found a good …CBC · 3 minutes ago
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September 6, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the average 14 to 30 year old American consumes more than 20 ounces of soda every day. This overindulgence in sugary-sweet beverages is taking a tremendous toll on …Examiner · ByScott Johnson · 15 hours ago
This week, we covered a randomized trial that found a low-carb diet did better than a low-fat diet in promoting weight loss and reducing cardiovascular risk factors. Some said the results exonerate the Atkins diet from …MedPage Today · 11 hours ago
In recent decades, artificially sweetened beverages have become an increasingly popular alternative to sugary sodas. At the same time, America’s obesity rate has risen to epidemic levels. Odd coincidence? Perhaps …The Business Insider · 11 hours ago
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September 5, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A new study of Americans’ eating habits finds that people are choosing more healthy foods and less of the unhealthy ones, overall, and consumption of trans fats has plummeted over a decade. But scores for diet quality ...Reuters · 12 hours ago
Susan Watts/New York Daily News Jodi Shaw works out at New York Personal Training on West 21st with husband, trainer Michael Shaw Tag! You’re fat. More and more New Yorkers are getting that instant message …New York Daily News · 14 hours ago
When it comes to exercise trends, CrossFit has gone beyond the “just a fad” stage. As more fitness fans muscle up to CrossFit boxes, as they’re known, experienced athletes are also discussing their dietThe Inquisitr · 12 hours ago
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September 4, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
When it comes to diet programs, brand names don’t make much difference, according to a new review. Low-carb or low-fat diets resulted in the most weight loss, but despite a difference of a few pounds between …FOX News · 19 hours ago
She is known to follow a strict diet and fitness regime in order to maintain her famous curves. But Kim Kardashian-West revealed that she has an obsession with eating ribs whenever she is in London. Speaking to Nick …Daily Mail · 15 hours ago
A team of Canadian researchers have found that all diets have similar results. Therefore, the researchers urged people fighting the battle of the bulge to choose the diet they find the easiest. After analysing information …newschanneldaily.com · 1 minute ago
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September 3, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
In the low-carb vs. low-fat diet wars, the low-carb camp may have won a slight advantage. A new study out today in Annals of Internal Medicine finds that after a year on their respective diets, participants following a …Forbes · ByAlice G. Walton · 15 hours ago
For weight loss and cardiovascular disease prevention, low carb is the way to go, according to researchers from Tulane University, Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins University in the US. The research team set out …Yahoo News · 13 hours ago
Efforts to improve what children eat should begin before they even learn to walk, a series of nutritional studies published on Tuesday has found. Taken together, the data indicate that infant feeding patterns persist far …New York Times · 16 hours ago
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September 2, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Efforts to improve what children eat should begin before they even learn to walk, a series of nutritional studies published on Tuesday has found. Taken together, the data indicate that infant feeding patterns persist far longer than has been appreciated.New York Times · 1 hour ago
The diets of low-income Americans have worsened in the past decade, even as the diets of the wealthiest Americans have improved, according to a new study that is among the first to measure changes in diet quality …National Geographic · 8 hours ago
Forget the Mediterranean diet, the latest in healthy eating is the Nordic diet. It’s been specially developed in Denmark – more traditionally associated with Danish pastries and sizzling bacon – where new scientific findings show it can help you lose ...Daily Mail · 6 hours ago
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September 1, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
If only we kept in mind the phrase, 'We are what we eat', most of us would probably eat healthier. A good balanced diet comprising healthy fat, protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, provides the right quantity of vitamins …Times of India · 14 hours ago
Four-time CrossFit champion Rich Froning stays in top shape by following a high-protein diet and working out every day, CNN reported Aug. 30. Froning, who recently retired from individual competition to focus on team …Examiner · BySamantha Chang · 8 hours ago
With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Sharon Osbourne publicizing the weight loss benefits of low carb diets, butter has become the hot new commodity. As a result, butter supplies are decreasing as prices are …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 6 hours ago
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August 31, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
While Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram banned “thinspiration” photos on the basis that they were linked to self-harm, they continue to allow healthy living advice that isn’t necessarily so healthy, extreme diet and …Daily Beast · 22 hours ago
Diet Racism: The soda for that special person in your life who keeps on saying borderline-racist stuff but swears they "don't see skin color." CollegeHumor nails it with this YouTube video that comes in the form of a …Mashable · BySam Laird · 8 hours ago
“You know, back in Washington there is a diet that is now very, very popular. It’s called the Obama diet,” he said. “Works very, very well. You simply let Putin eat your lunch every day. And it is sad just how true …Politico · ByKenneth P. Vogel · 10 hours ago
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August 30, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
After months fed a constant diet of relentless, intensive reporting and propaganda about the suffering of Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine, a majority of Russians now share Putin’s point of view and agree that …Daily Beast · ByAnna Nemtsova · 11 hours ago
Consuming more than ten servings a week of tomatoes and beans lowers the risk of prostate cancer, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Bristol. The findings expand on previous research and suggest that men should consume …Time · 5 hours ago
Maynard. Weight is a problem for bulldogs in general—and for the Marine mascots in particular. Overeating, and poor diet have been blamed for the early retirements of a string of previous mascots. As a result, the …The Wall Street Journal · ByJulian E. Barnes · 11 hours ago
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August 29, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
I was there – witnessing accountability Going public with a goal increases your support and accountability. Consider going on a diet: Is there more pressure if you don’t tell a soul, or if you announce it to all your …Time · 5 hours ago
Whatever the final verdict on sodium and health, there is wide individual variation. For decades we have been told that the scientific debate over salt intake in our diet was “settled,” and that the less salt we ate the …New York Times · 8 hours ago
Her suggestion: Families should encourage a "healthy media diet" for their children. Parents and kids should work together to decide how much time to spend with media every day, and to make sure good choices are …NPR News · 10 hours ago
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August 28, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Shi and the other Mahayana Buddhist nuns at the temple maintain a pure vegetarian diet with no meat or fish. But that doesn't mean they don't eat well. At a recent meal, they made a stir-fried bok choy, Chinese …NPR News · 10 hours ago
We're told Suge is already back on a regular diet, and if he keeps his bandages clean ... he'll be good to go. Only Suge makes getting shot look like it's no big deal.TMZ · 3 hours ago
And infants, of course, can't complain about tooth pain. Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that erode tooth enamel, and the chances of getting them depend on diet, genetics, differences in saliva, the …Washington Post · 11 hours ago
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August 27, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
If you don’t spend Australia Day eating lamb and drinking beer, you may as well move to Ecuador. Get used to a diet of Chiko Rolls and meat pies. On weekends, Aussies indulge in a “Barbie” and a few schooners …Mashable · 1 hour ago
Buffett’s food investments mirror his tastes. His daughter Susie told Bloomberg TV in 2012 that the vegetables in his diet include French fries, hash browns and corn on the cob. Berkshire’s investments extend far …Bloomberg · ByZachary Tracer andNoah Buhayar · 4 hours ago
But don't worry, eaters aren't munching on scabies-infected urban vermin, but rather the free-range, rural rats of Cambodia's rice fields, which eat a largely organic diet, rat-catchers and farmers explain to the BBC.FOX News · 16 hours ago
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August 26, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
The citrus industry cites its own studies, which it says show for children that orange juice can be part of a healthy diet. To get that message out, Florida's citrus promoters are working on a new public relations campaign.NPR News · ByGreg Allen · 37 minutes ago
A houndstooth jacket (size extra large) came with the story “I wore this jacket once and unfortunately have gained weight and it doesn’t fit and I’m in no mood to diet.” In the end the jacket was bought by Emily …Financial Times · 7 hours ago
"There are consumers who are looking to reduce their calorie intake, whether through food or beverage," he says, calling Coca-Cola Life an "additional option" to diet drinks for calorie-counting consumers. One 12-ounce can contains 64 calories and 16 grams ...Market Watch · ByAmy Guthrie · 4 hours ago
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August 25, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Sticking to your diet when you're at a restaurant is tough. Sheer willpower isn't always enough--especially when the restaurant is purposefully working against you. Many establishments use subtle tricks--like the 17 …FOX News · 15 hours ago
A person named Charles Platkin is suing Gwyneth's company for infringing on his copyrighted phrase “Diet Detective” in an article on the website. The lawsuit was filed this past July 17th and it alleges that Goop …Perez Hilton · 10 hours ago
Losing weight on a diet limited to 800 calories per day of rice cakes and celery might work - but it's almost impossible to stay on that type of bland plan long-term. So celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito decided to concoct …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 5 hours ago
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August 24, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
when we went to the Philippines, [President] Ferdinand Marcos wanted to work out with me, but we couldn't find a gym. ... Today, everything's changed. People realize how important exercise is for their health. It's as …Chicago Tribune · 11 hours ago
Life has not been easy for tiny Blake Shore and his family. When he was only one day old, he underwent open-heart surgery to remove a large tumor blocking his blood flow. And although the months since have involved …Examiner · ByJoanne Eglash · 5 hours ago
The GOOP story on the author of books - What's Eating Your Child? and Cure Your Child with Food - has since been removed. Platkin - who holds a law degree from Fordham University - enlisted his attorney William …Daily Mail · 12 hours ago
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August 23, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Now, Virginians could point out the sons who took the golf clubs, the daughter who got $15,000 for her wedding catering, and, of course, the wife who spent way, way more time on the phone with the diet supplement …New York Times · ByGail Collins · 4 hours ago
“You can’t change the recipe of the pink cookie,” said the mayor. “It’s like eating diet potato chips. It’s not right.” The cookie was banished to comply with the federal guidelines. “We can’t have them in the …FOX News · ByTodd Starnes · 6 hours ago
35 percent more likely to have a partner who exhibited stalker-like behaviors and more than 75 percent more likely to have used “diet aids,” or fasted for more than 24 hours. “Those who read all three books in the …Raw Story · ByDavid Ferguson · 13 hours ago
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August 22, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
"Ughhhh my hips & butt are huge now! They were big to begin with," she tweeted in early August. "Just need to get down to my weight a few years ago. Not gonna complain anymore. Starting diet TODAY! No carbs.Celebuzz · ByGabrielle Chung · 3 hours ago
When asked how it works, the Miami rapper and entrepreneur explained that the wearer doesn’t have to diet or work out and “[the garment] actually reconstructs the body. It makes you sweat and gives you that …MTV · 8 hours ago
“Tracking the intake of individual vitamins is all well and good for someone trying to balance their diet, but it doesn’t tell a doctor much about a patients overall well-being.” “I can also see this being beneficial to …Forbes · 14 hours ago
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August 21, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
And there’s still plenty of news from pharma-land to get through. So sit back, pour yourself some coffee, tea–or Diet Coke if that’s your thing–and check out what we’re reading this morning. There have been more …The Wall Street Journal · ByPeter Loftus · 1 hour ago
Kim Min-koo has an easy reply to new American research that hits South Korea where it hurts — in the noodles. Drunk and hungry just after dawn, he rips the lid off a bowl of his beloved fast food, wobbling on his feet but still defiant over a report that ...ABC News · 48 minutes ago
(“I’m generally a very good person so it’s okay if every now and then I…”) Why do people order a cheeseburger, fries, dessert and a *Diet* Coke? It’s called a “health halo effect.” As long as we have the feeling …Time · 10 hours ago
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August 20, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Since then, Sharmila has been under a strict police watch and confined to a hospital, where she has been force-fed a diet of liquids through a nasal tube. But the 42-year-old has not resisted this treatment. “If I really …Washington Post · 10 minutes ago
But he argues the evidence just doesn't stack up to support the idea that diet and exercise can effectively reverse obesity. "Treating obesity with dietary prevention and exercise is like putting sunscreen on melanoma.CNBC · 15 hours ago
Director James Cameron switched to a vegan diet in 2012, and has since become a vocal proponent of plant-based diets for both environmental and health reasons, the Las Vegas Informer reported Aug. 17. Cameron …Examiner · BySamantha Chang · 5 hours ago
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August 19, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
In the hardest places to live in the United States, people spend a lot of time thinking about diets and religion. In the easiest places to live, people spend a lot of time thinking about cameras. The results, based on a …New York Times · ByDavid Leonhardt · 12 hours ago
"It is the completely opposite paradigm." James, who famously cramped in Game 1 of this year's Finals when the San Antonio arena's air conditioning malfunctioned, became the most high-profile follower of the diet this …Wall Street Journal · ByBen Cohen · 2 hours ago
Mischa Barton has been dealing with a lot in her life lately. From racking up unmanageable real estate debt to noticeable weight gain and loss, this new project and lifestyle change could be just the thing for her! The …Perez Hilton · 11 hours ago
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August 18, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
"We are seeing a change. People are starting to understand the correlation between diet and illness," says Allison Majewski of the Capital Area Food Bank. "They want healthier food. They are asking for dairy, meats …USA Today · ByNatalie Diblasio · 7 hours ago
According to a study performed by the British Geological Survey and researchers at the University of Leicester, the king changed location and diet early in his childhood, and then, when he was crowned king 26 months before his death at the Battle of ...CNet · 2 hours ago
The company planned to promote its qualities as an antioxidant and possible fat-burner in a line of diet and sports drinks, according to FDA e-mails obtained by the Natural Resources Defense Council through a …Washington Post · ByKimberly Kindy · 48 minutes ago
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August 17, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
"Richard's diet when he was king was far richer than that of other equivalent high status individuals in the late medieval period," Dr. Angela Lamb of the British Geological Survey told Sky News. "We know he was …FOX News · 2 hours ago
This July was San Francisco’s hottest on record, as average temperatures reached 66.9 degrees. — ANNA BAHR Scream Less for Ice Cream Our diet-consciousness is melting that most basic summer treat: ice …New York Times · ByAnna Bahr ,Claire Cain andMargot Sanger-Katz · 14 hours ago
July 31, 2014 -- When you’re trying to lose weight or keep off extra pounds, can diet soda help? While it has fewer calories than regular soda, some studies show it fuels your sweet tooth. Also, are artificially …Fox16 · 16 hours ago
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August 16, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet. They thought that because of the way my career had gone, it wouldn’t still hurt me. If anybody even tries …MTV · 18 hours ago
They moved there 15 years ago — prompted by wildlife officials — from islands farther up the Columbia River, where salmon were more of their diet. Biologists then reduced the terns’ prime nesting area by two-thirds …New York Times · ByFelicity Barringer · 3 hours ago
Quetelet's ratio didn't become an accepted gauge of obesity until after 1972, when Ancel Keys, the scientist who designed nonperishable meals for soldiers in World War II and popularized the Mediterranean dietWall Street Journal · 9 hours ago
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August 15, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
What to avoid? Soft drinks, even diet kinds. "They have salt, which dehydrates you," Dr. Peeke says. "So many women think, Ahh, how refreshing! But soda just sucks fluid out of your cells." Water in food accounts for …ABC News · 1 hour ago
Coke said last month that its quarterly revenue in North America, its biggest market, was flat, partly driven by a decline in diet Coke sales. In turn, Monster will gain access to Coke's extensive global distribution system.Reuters · 1 hour ago
Diet Coke is falling off a cliff. Energy drink sales, by contrast, have been a bright spot in the beverage market, though sales have been slowing after several years of double-digit growth. Global energy-drink sales increased just 6.8% last year in dollar ...Market Watch · 1 hour ago
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August 14, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
In recent months, activist hedge fund billionaire William Ackman has focused most of his attacks on Herbalife, the seller of diet shakes that Ackman says is “a criminal enterprise” run by “a predator” CEO, Michael …Forbes · ByNathan Vardi · 12 hours ago
Hess’ doctor Anup Kanodia had Hess completely change his diet to eliminate foods that break down to sugar, such as breads, pasta and rice. After just four weeks, Hess’ mysterious symptoms vanished. “I'm the …ABC News · 2 hours ago
Three papers and an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine are sure to throw fresh fuel on the ongoing fiery debate over sodium recommendations. Current guidelines recommend that people should limit their intake of sodium to 1.5 to 2.4 grams per ...Forbes · ByLarry Husten · 9 hours ago
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August 13, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
It used to be a cellphone shop and before that a place that sold diet pills, but tonight it's the best underground rock show in town, headlining Stockton's own Satan Wriders. Now, this vacant retail space is one of the only …NPR News · 26 minutes ago
Fried chicken. Fried fish. Fried potatoes. Fried vegetables. Fried dough. All popular staples of the American diet. Hey guys, one question: why no fried fruit? Think about it: fried fruit. I bet it would be good. Sure, some …Gawker · 11 hours ago
All three of his hits, including both homers, came against inner-half pitches. In Moss’ case, he’d seen a steady diet of outside pitches the past couple of weeks, and that served as an easy means of getting him out. But the past two days, he’s gotten ...ESPN · 2 hours ago
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August 12, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
A healthy diet is also important, but a diet heavy in vegetables, fruit, and unprocessed food can cost a lot and require time-consuming amounts of cooking. One way to mitigate this cost is to become an “Iron Chef”: work with the raw material at hand.Time · 6 hours ago
Wariness is mounting as factors from environment to diet are blamed for a global rise in endocrine-related diseases. Breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular cancer rates have increased over the past 40 to 50 years …Bloomberg · ByTiffany Kary · 5 hours ago
Have you ever wondered why nutrition experts so often change their minds about what constitutes a healthy diet? In the last six months, a variety of experts and nutrition organizations have issued at least as many …Reuters · 18 hours ago
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August 11, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Whether by reducing medical costs or helping you earn more, a healthy diet has benefits beyond a slimmer waistline. Consider these ways your diet can improve your finances: Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins …Time · 4 hours ago
Pydynkowski is teaching his patients to treat addiction as they would hypertension or diabetes. It's just like taking insulin, he says, "watching my diet, getting my blood work drawn, going to different appointments …NPR News · 11 hours ago
Some popular diet books say you should ditch wheat or gluten to shed pounds. But the USDA recommends eating grains daily, and at least half of those should be whole grains. Unless you have celiac disease …The Huffington Post · 15 hours ago
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August 10, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
If you do decide to try intermittent fasting, or even a modified version, make every morsel count by sticking with naturally nutrient rich whole and fresh foods rather than processed “diet” products. Unfortunately, fasting doesn’t trigger your body ...Time · 23 hours ago
Talk about total transformation -- Mark Wahlberg completed filming on Transformers: Age of Extinction and then battled his weight down 60 pounds for his next movie part. Wahlberg explains that he went from 197 …USA Today · ByBryan Alexander · 12 hours ago
Verdict: Myth. The old rule said that if you eat and then go right to sleep, your body won't burn those calories and instead will store them as fat. But that's not exactly true. Florida State University research found that …ABC News · 2 hours ago
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August 9, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
I prefer to rely on a much simpler theory, based on the above evidence: Pizzolatto has a giant ego which, fed on the fat diet of praise True Detective received earlier this year, now rages over the countryside of his soul.Gawker · 2 hours ago
Going on that diet may help you shed a few pounds, but it could also worsen your mood. A new study at University College London examined 1,979 overweight or obese individuals in the U.K. to investigate the effects of weight loss on both physical and …Time · 15 hours ago
Patients taking these medications should talk to their doctor about their diet. Keeping a food diary to see if you may be sensitive to tyramine-rich foods could also help. The bottom line: Learn what your triggers are – …FOX News · ByDr. Manny Alvarez · 11 hours ago
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August 8, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
If you thought a gas station’s mini-mart was only good for a pack of gum or a can of expired diet soda, you obviously haven’t experienced the wonder of “Snack-Off.” On tonight’s episode, three amateur chefs …MTV · ByMatthew Scott Donnelly · 5 hours ago
"Training this offseason and focusing on the stuff that I needed to focus on -- diet, exercise, all the stuff I needed to do -- finally I got down to the weight I was comfortable at and went out there and executed." Rice only …ESPN · ByJamison Hensley · 2 hours ago
My first diet was in the first grade! Tuna fish and mustard with yogurt on the side. Weight was a big thing for me to overcome. When I look back I was a little fluffy, but I wasn't fat." She also shared the various issues …Perez Hilton · 30 minutes ago
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August 7, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
What will be the pressures on the only Power 5 conference without a championship game? "You have a steady diet of that over time," one Big 12 AD said, "there will definitely be some conversations." In an era of reform …CBS Sports · 14 hours ago
At the start of the season, Earnhardt was set to have 20 races sponsored by the Guard and five sponsored by PepsiCo (Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Kickstart) along with 13 races without sponsorship (one such …USA Today · 29 minutes ago
For an average adult, the FDA recommends a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, with 20 to 35% of those calories coming from fat (that’s between 44 and 78 grams) and no more 7% coming from saturated fat (about 16 grams) …ABC News · 1 hour ago
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August 6, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Jason Biggs‘s son, Sid, hit a major milestone last week: eating real food! “We gave him some butternut squash,” Biggs told PEOPLE at Monday’s Orange Is the New Black FYC panel in West Hollywood. The …People · 14 hours ago
When my doctor first suggested that I go on a gluten-free diet, I was overwhelmed. I didn't know what exactly gluten was, but it seemed to be in almost everything. Thoughts of running a vineyard in pasta-plentiful Italy …The Huffington Post · 37 minutes ago
Stanley Chesley, the famed Ohio trial lawyer brought low by his involvement in a disputed diet-drug lawsuit, could be on the hook for at least $25 million to settle claims that he took $7.5 million more than his share of a …The Wall Street Journal · ByJennifer Smith · 12 hours ago
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August 5, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
On the other hand, when folks are spread thin across teams and responsibilities, the process can feel like a crash diet where all the stuff that was filling up your calendar and inflating your relative worth is trimmed …Mashable · 4 hours ago
The new regulations are "raising awareness that there is a disease associated with the gluten-free diet," she said. Steve Hughes, CEO of Boulder Brands, which owns leading gluten-free food companies Glutino and Udi's, says his company's products all have ...ABC News · ByMary Clare Jalonick · 1 hour ago
It’s unsurprising that the study’s conclusions focused on the “serious deficiencies of Omega 3” in the British diet, Seven Seas does produce vitamin supplements. But commercial interests aside, the findings are …Daily Beast · 4 hours ago
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August 4, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
(Also on POLITICO: Josh Earnest's media diet) “I’ll take a question,” Obama said. After responding to the first question, he wanted more: “Anybody else?” He took three additional questions. Six days later …Politico · ByEdward-Isaac Dovere andCarrie Budoff · 55 minutes ago
European Central Bank Picked Tough Time to Diet. The European Central Bank picked a difficult time to go on a diet. Faced with a weak economy and inflation rates edging toward zero, the ECB’s balance sheet—its …The Wall Street Journal · 16 minutes ago
“You want to avoid anything that will spike your insulin,” she noted. “If you’re drinking a Diet Coke that could spike your insulin, and when that spikes, you get hypoglycemia, making you tired which might affect …ABC News · 2 hours ago
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August 3, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
However, dieters may be willing to make the sacrifice on taste — even if it’s a perceived one — and are more sensitive to visual cues about portion control, organic or vegetarian produce and diet concepts, says Mohr, the assistant marketing professor.Market Watch · 19 hours ago
WHO says "nutritious complementary foods" should then be added to the baby's diet while continuing breastfeeding "for up to two years or beyond." Less than half of the world's newborns benefit from breastfeeding and …Voice of America · 15 hours ago
Ms. Miller hopes Bitty Foods will appeal to people who follow a so-called Paleo Diet, which shuns carbohydrates and relies on meat, fruits and vegetables. She’s also marketing her crickets to gluten-free eaters, who …New York Times · 13 hours ago
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August 2, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
Make sure your diet has adequate levels of fat and protein. And go easy on fiber, which in large amounts can interfere with ovulation. 4. See a fertility specialist. This is a no-brainer if you’re having sexual intercourse …Daily Beast · 13 hours ago
The researchers note that their study, published in the August issue of Journal of the American College of Cardiology, was based on the participants' responses to questionnaires and lacked complete information on dietVoice of America · 6 hours ago
According to press notes compiled by the studio, Pratt "collaborated with, and was closely monitored by, a team of trainers and nutritionists, training for four hours a day, sticking to a strict diet, taking the right …CNN · 11 hours ago
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August 1, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
While a few indulgences won't age you overnight, a continuously poor diet can accelerate the aging process of your skin (and teeth) over time. Here, 6 foods to consume in moderation in order to look as young as you …ABC News · 2 hours ago
His prostate cancer has been successfully treated, but Wolfe must now spend more time paying attention to his health, watching his diet, exercising, meditating and so on. He still enjoys consulting, but his priorities …Time · 9 hours ago
“I love sandwiches right now,” said the mom-to-be, noting she has been sticking to a healthy diet overall. “I’m reading these different books and they’re telling me what food is really great for the baby, to grow their …People · 9 hours ago
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July 31, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
How could it be that these preindustrial people without donuts or desk jobs suffered from atherosclerosis, a condition we know to be associated with smoking, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise? And what does that tell …NPR News · 1 hour ago
The company, which offers plans that help lose weight and makes diet foods, also raised its full-year profit outlook to $1.65-$1.85 per share from $1.45-$1.70 per share. Net income fell to $54 million, or 95 cents per …CNBC · 13 hours ago
With personal choice comes responsibility. We don't ask people to accept the consequences of a sugar-heavy diet. Mark Cuban I'm all for personal choice. But with personal choice comes responsibility. We don't ask …CNN · 18 hours ago
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July 30, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
"Not only will people get their water bills paid, they'll be introduced to a healthy, plant-based diet that will reduce their costs in the long run." Critics might argue that a vegan diet -- popularized by celebrities and health …ABC News · 3 hours ago
"This is their diet, their only diet." Humans upset the balance of nature here decades ago. Now, with livelihoods on the line, they're still trying to determine the least painful way to restore it.CBS News · ByElaine Quijano · 8 hours ago
A tuna's natural diet consists of other fish. Lots of other fish. Right now, there are tuna "ranches" that capture young tuna in the ocean and then fatten them up in big net-pens. According to Greenberg, those ranches …NPR News · ByDan Charles · 1 hour ago
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July 29, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
As a big fan of Emily Yoffe’s, I was dismayed last year when she advised a writer to “Dear Prudence” to send an anonymous letter to the pediatrician of her daughter’s friend, expressing concern about the child’s …Daily Beast · 58 minutes ago
That means drinking a glass of juice can shoot your blood sugar levels up—and then back down again—bringing on hunger, according to Mitzi Dulan, RD, author of The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin. Your …ABC News · 1 hour ago
You’ve eaten sensibly all day, but around bedtime you get the urge to snack. Sweets like cookies and ice cream do more than throw your diet a nasty curve, the sugar rush can leave you tossing and turning for hours.FOX News · ByTanya Zuckerbrot · 2 hours ago
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July 28, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
It was a rare feast, as there are only one or two drops like this during each deployment. The bulk of their diet consists of fish they've had to catch. Using handmade spear guns or makeshift rods, they fish twice a day.CNN · 25 minutes ago
Rarely mentioned is the importance of seafood to the Chinese diet, several experts said. A 2014 report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), for example, said China's per-capita fish consumption was 35.1 kg …Reuters · ByJohn Ruwitch · 4 hours ago
When she got married, she found that her husband had large credit-card debts. She cut up all the credit cards and put them both on a credit-card "diet." Neither could eat lunch until the credit card debt was paid. It worked, because the "diet" not only ...Market Watch · 4 hours ago
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July 27, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
I'd joined them to learn why the number of trackers keeps growing. Why are people taking real risks - beyond the steady diet of rest-stop junk food - to watch weather? Last year a tornado killed three of the most …BBC · 10 hours ago
If you have Crohn’s disease, you want to avoid flare-ups at all costs. Although diet can’t cure it, avoiding or making smart food choices can help ease your symptoms. Before making any changes to your diet, it’s …FOX News · ByJulie Revelant · 21 hours ago
“My daughter is a type-1 diabetic and she also has celiac disease, so we have a very particular diet,” DeJesus said, ticking off cheaply priced specialty items like gluten-free chicken tenders that are available at Market Basket. “There’s ...The Boston Globe · ByDan Adams · 12 hours ago
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July 26, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
When we were trying to get pregnant with our third child, I gave up sweets for about three months. Like many women, I hoped improving my diet would help me get pregnant faster. It might have: I got pregnant within a …Daily Beast · 20 hours ago
Without making some changes in their lifestyle — exercising and keeping a better diet — 15 to 30 percent of these folks will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. “Keeping healthy indirectly improves your finances by reducing health-care costs ...Washington Post · ByMichelle Singletary · 13 hours ago
According to DNAinfo, the micro pot-bellied pig “was rescued from neglect in Central Florida, where he lived on a diet of Cap’n crunch and horse feed.” Piggie, DNAinfo reported, “recently arrived at his new home in …Washington Post · 9 hours ago
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July 25, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
For Coke, global sales volume rose 3 percent, but beverage sales were flat in North America. This is partly because Americans are drinking fewer diet sodas, Reuters reports. Interestingly, sales of regular Coke rose 1 …Reuters · 10 hours ago
To do so, Lynch said he has closely watched his diet since signing with the Bears in May. He said he weighs 205 pounds, down from 220. He cut his daily intake from 4,000 calories to about 2,500. “I feel stronger,” …Chicago Tribune · 1 hour ago
Diabetes UK said shift workers should eat a healthy balanced diet. The disease can lead to blindness, increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as damaging nerves and blood vessels - dramatically …BBC · 4 hours ago
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July 24, 2014 - Posted by Ms. Slim
"If you do see me at the airport hotel bar with my coworkers, it's probably because the hotel offers a crew discount," says Poole. "All I've probably had all day is Diet Coke and whatever was left over in First Class."USA Today · 16 hours ago
Under Chief Executive Officer Paul Polman, Unilever has expanded its personal-care business, the company’s biggest and most profitable division, while selling slower-growth food brands like Slim-Fast diet products …Bloomberg · ByMatthew Boyle · 2 hours ago
LOS ANGELES — "Are you OK? Literally. Are you OK? You're looking kind of…" These are not the words you ever expect, or really want, to hear coming from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Especially when there's …USA Today · ByBryan Alexander · 5 hours ago
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